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((I haven’t been on here in forever and I know that. I will probably never come back to this blog or any of my others. I started RPing because it was fun but it got to be too much for me. I don’t want to do something that makes me sad. It looks like a lot of my partners have left as well which makes me even more sad. It was fun while it lasted and I hope that everyone tries to understand. I may come back to Grace but if I do all content will be gone and I will start anew. I am deeply sorry. Good luck to you all in life and online.))

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Grace had to agree with her father. And this bus had always been particularly noisy with the little rattle it had. “Maybe it’s gone already. It could have come early and I missed it while playing with the toast. It wouldn’t be the first time it forgot to come here, I am the only kid that gets picked up here since we live so far away from other houses.” Grace bit her lip, she had to go to school today because her father had insisted on it earlier. “What are we going to do Papa?”  
“That is indeed a possibility…” he agreed, giving a slow nod before rubbing his cheek once as he stared to the stop where the bus always came at. He considered his options for a long, long while before he finally settled is eyes upon her, them glistening up a bit. “What we do now? Why isn’t it obvious?” he questioned, pinching her nose very lightly. “A taxi, or I bring you to school with the car.” he stated simply, winking once.

Grace smiled. She hadn’t gone to school with her Papa before, only after when he picked her up. “You can bring me to school. It would be much easier than a cab.” She wasn’t so upset that the bus had missed her now that she got the chance to spend more time with her Papa. She knew it was selfish but she really missed her father and she never told him about the hard times she had looking for him and the people she asked telling her that he was dead.

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((Online. I know I haven’t been on here in a while. It was that I didn’t get the notifications, stupid tumblr, until I checked yesterday and I things to do. I’m so sorry. But please if you ever need me to come back to this account just go bug me either on Jareth or Clara. I’m attacking the replies now.)) 

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Anonymous said:

I see you finally see how worthless you are and left Grace and ran off to run yet another crappy blog. Now all you have to do is delete. Leave this to the better Graces out there.

((Ah sweet anon who always seems to come back to me after everything. I have not run away, it just so happens that I have more activity on that blog at the moment but I come onto this blog before the other two I have every morning to see if I have any new notifications. I will not delete because I like playing Grace.))

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I grin when you say captain. "Oh you are a polite little one aren't you."

"Oh thank you captain." 

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(( I’m being crazy and staying up all night. Well morning. And now I understand where all my Jeffersons are. They come out while I sleep! *pouts*))

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Anonymous said:

I am really quite jealous of you you know. I got NO new years kiss. Let alone a whole room of people...

(( Here let me kiss you. *tries to kiss* I’m sorry. My group is so close, you should see us girls at sleepovers with truth or dares. *tried to kiss again* It seems I can’t get to you through my computer.))

"I’ll kiss the greyface for you." Grace goes and kisses the anon on the cheek.

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Kisses? Do tell

((……….uh……….okay. No one can hate me.

So I was at my Disney New Year thing, which went well, and midnight came and all the cast were together. The other actors in my group are about the same age I am and we all cheers and everything. I was kissed by quite a few people. Adult Simba kissed me, Harold is handsome and sweet, I was kiss by Belle, Rachel is a good kisser, I think we kissed three times. Peter Pan kissed me! And it wasn’t a thimble (inside joke sorry). I kissed the boy who it was basically for on the check. It was just a kiss fest back stage. Happy New Year everyone! 

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"I am captain jack sparrow who might you be?" I smile.

"I’m Grace. It’s nice to meet you Captain Jack." Grace knew to always say captain when you said their name. Killian had taught her that.

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Happy New Years! Hello 2013!

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